People – Process – Product
Yes, it really is that simple!  At Atlantis Utility we help you and your staff succeed.
WHY HIRE the Atlantis TEAM?

For the same reason you hire anyone in your company. To make your operation better. This ultimately results in making money or saving money along with improving services.   Whether you are trying to lower telecom and data costs, improve and change the way your process calls, downsize or up size using out of office off site staff and vendors,  we can help . Our rates are hourly, contract, or  fee based on success. We have relationships with every major telecom provider.  We are experts at Telecom contract negotiation.  Our commitment is an unbiased workable solution advice. In summary no risk to you as we strive to provide workable solution advice.

This is a before picture and yes we understand how to work on it
  • Phone & Data services
  • Hardware
  • Internet  (Fiber, Cable, Wireless, LTE)
  • Cabling
  • Network Design and Installation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Cost Control
  • Project Management
  • Ads Moves Changes & PBX Service
Services Offered